MiniTime clocks out as a module, becomes a regular application

Version 1.10 of MiniTime has been released by Fred Graute. The software provides a means to display the date and/or time in a small icon or window, with configuration options for its position on screen, the colours it uses, whether it appears above other windows, and more besides. Its goal is to provide quick and convenient access to a clock and calendar, without getting in the way.

One of the key changes in this version is that it has been turned into a regular application, and no longer uses a module, which wasn’t really necessary. It has also gained simple notification support, allowing you to set an alert to remind you of things, though this currently only a simple timer-based system, whereby you specify an amount of time until the alert is triggered.

Other changes include a fix for the Help button in the colour scheme window, the last chosen scheme is highlighted when the Schemes dialogue is opened, and the Clipboard module is only loaded if ClipboardHolder isn’t detected.

MiniTime is available under the three-clause BSD licence, with the source included, so it can be freely distributed.

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