MiniTime 1.11 released

MiniTime's calendar and its flux capacitor button - the asterisk

Fred Graute has released a new version of MiniTime. The software displays a discreet window on the RISC OS screen with the date and time, and can be configured in various ways to make it useful yet unobtrusive.

The software first came about because Fred wanted recognised the usefulness of SmallTime, an older application that offered a similar function, and wanted something along those lines to run on newer RISC OS systems, which the older application didn’t – and unfortunately, SmallTime’s licence was too restrictive for it to be updated and distributed, so a replacement was needed.

As well as the current date and time, the program offers a simple calendar, the display of which is also easily configured to suit the needs and preferences of the user.

The last release saw a simple timer-based alert facility built into the software, allowing you to set a basic alarm for when a certain amount of time has passed, and version 1.11 builds on that with an optional sound that can be played when the alert goes off. The sound file itself can be one of your choosing, as long as it is one supported by PlayIt, which handles that side of thing.

The calendar, too, has been improved, with support for reminder messages; short notes that can be set to a particular day with details of things you might need to do that day, such as make an important call, prepare for a meeting, etc.

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