MiniTime makes you see red

Well, actually, it’s optional – and other colours are available.

MiniTimeThe latest version of MiniTime has just been released by Fred Graute. The application, designed from the outset to be small and unobtrusive, displays the date and time in a small icon or window, which can be in a fixed position on screen and configured to appear above all other windows, to disappear briefly so as not to get in the way, and more besides.

Version 1.09 of the software adds a number of choices relating to colours:

  • Colours can now be dragged from one colour field to another, making it easier to set different options to the same colour without noting down component values and replicating them for another option via the colour dialogue box.
  • When the colour dialogue box is opened, it uses the same colour selection model as when it was last used and then closed.
  • A number of basic colour schemes are now available in the choices window, to provide a starting point for customising your colour preferences.
  • The choices file has been split into two, one for the colour selections and one for the other options.

Its original inspiration was a similar program, SmallTime by James Freeman, which achieved the same original goals, but doesn’t run on modern platforms and has a licence that doesn’t allow for the distribution of modified versions. MiniTime, however, is released under the three-clause BSD licence, and comes with all sources included, so its future is assured.

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