Hatari updated to run on Raspberry Pi

Hatari… Ho! Goody! NO RISC – NO FUN‘s Franck Martinaux has released a new version of Hatari, the Atari ST emulator. Previously only available for computers running RISC OS 5.18 on at least a Cortex-A8 (ARMv7) processor as used in the BeagleBoard and PandaBoard, this update of the RISC OS port allows it to be […]


Rise of the Triad now working on the Raspberry Pi

And that’s not a reference to a typical Triad diet! Just in time for Halloween, Frank Martinaux of NO RISC – NO FUN, released an update to his port of Rise of the Triad. Version 1.5 of the port sees the game now fully working (and very fast) on the Raspberry Pi.


Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins… for RISC OS

Hang on a moment! We already know where RISC OS is – don’t we? The RISC OS game playing community has just gained another first person shooter, thanks to NO RISC – NO FUN‘s Franck Martinaux, who has just announced the release of a port of Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins.


SMB Server for BeagleBoard

And a potted history that wouldn’t be out of place on a TV soap, if only there was one about computer software. Thomas Milius has updated the RISC OS Samba server, smbserver version 0.08, to work on BeagleBoard-xM based systems. His previous update to version 0.08, back in 2009 according to the announcement from Herbert […]

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A better late than never introduction for the RISC OS world to the #RaspberryJam RISC OS users should by now need no introduction to the Raspberry Pi – but in case there is anyone reading this who has been living as a hermit for the last few years with no access to the internet (or […]


HeXen II port released

First Heretic, then HeXen… now HeXen II, too. Ooh! With the release of the Hheretic and Hhexen ports, RISC OS users had the first two games in the Heretic/HeXen series, originally developed by Raven Software and published by id Software. Now, a little under six weeks later, Chris Gransden has completed the original trilogy, releasing […]

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DRenderer 0.56 beta 8

Another bug squashed, poor little mite. With the release of Chris Gransden’s ports of Hheretic and Hhexen, a problem was found with the then latest version of the DRenderer module – 0.56 beta 6. Christopher Martin, who has been updating the module lately, was hot on the case and released beta 7, which he thought […]


DRenderer module updated

That is not the DRenderer you are looking for. The DigitalRenderer (DRenderer) module, which is usually supplied along with the SharedUnixLibrary, is used to provide sound support for applications and games ported to RISC OS which make use of that library. However, the version supplied with SharedUnixLibrary on can play back audio at the […]


Hheretic and Hhexen ports

Hheaps of hhectic gameplay for the price of a download or two. Chris Gransden is continuing to keep himself busy porting things to RISC OS, with Hheretic and Hhexen having been announced just a couple of days before this year’s Wakefield show. These two games are ports of Hheretic and Hhexen, which are Linux ports […]