Midlands User Group meeting – prepping for the Summer Show

A handy meeting to join if you’re thinking about exhibiting

Later this year, the Midlands User Group (MUG) will be holding their Midsummer Show, resurrecting it as an online event, to be held using the Zoom video conferencing software. Unlike the London and Wakefield shows that have taken place via the software, however, with a run of presentations held one after the other, the group is aiming to make more fuller use of Zoom’s facilities, and make their event more like a traditional show. But online.

The plan is to make use of Zoom’s ‘Rooms’ facility, with a different room allocated to each exhibitor, and some for rolling demonstrations. Visitors can then wander around the show by moving from room to room – or even to the virtual lounge for a general chat with others.

Similarly, exhibitors can man their room for as long or as little as they like – perhaps indicating a time (or times) they’ll be present, and leaving their own rolling demonstration in the meantime – so that they can wander around the show themselves (although they’ll need a second log-in on a second computer to do this).

At the group’s next meeting they will be exploring ways to make content available for some of those Zoom rooms, and to assist anyone who wishes to contribute videos, presentations, or information at the show – guiding them through understanding what they need to do, and so on. As such, if you are hoping or planning to present anything, but have only previously given (or watched) presentations in the way it’s been done at previous RISC OS shows or user group meetings, it might be a good idea to attend this meeting to find out what’s what.

The meeting will take place – over Zoom, unsurprisingly – on Saturday, 5th March, 2022, at 2:00pm. There are no pennies payable to attend; you only need to know the log-in details. If you’ve joined any other MUG meetings recently, the details are the same as before, but if not, please contact MUG in plenty of time and they’ll be sent to you.

The group’s next meeting after this one will take place at the same time on 2nd April, and a guest speaker has already been lined up for it. Chris Gransden will be talking about the portfolio of programs he’s been porting to the platform – all found on the riscosports website.

Midlands Midsummer MUG Show - 2nd July, 2022

The Midlands Midsummer MUG Show will take place on 2nd July, 2022. Running from 11:00am until 4:00pm, the show will be held online using the Zoom video conferencing software. Entrance to the event will be entirely free.

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