Make a FAST trip to the next WROCC meeting – 2nd August

If you get your skates on, you might be able to make it to the next meeting of the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC), at which Andy Marks from RISCOSbits will be the guest speaker.

Andy will be wowing the group by discussing and demonstrating RISC OS FAST, the customised build of the operating system that, with a bit of hardware support, allows access to the PCIe port on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module’s IO board to provide full speed access to up to four SATA ports. In particular, he will discuss the latest developments connected with the system, which was launched back in February.

As well as covering areas such as the use of ‘big’ discs with RISC OS, he will also be making some predictions about what you can expect from RISCOSbits in future – so, okay, he may have a little inside information and not be gazing into a crystal acorn, but he may also cover things that are feasible and being looked at, considered, or even just hoped can be done.

So how do you get in on the act? Luckily, although it’s only a few days until the meeting – which will take place on Wednesday, 2nd August from about 7:45pm – you don’t have to plan out an especially complicated or distant journey. The meeting is to be held online using Zoom, so your actual destination is entirely up to you – I’d recommend a comfortable chair, with a suitable computer running the Zoom software placed conveniently nearby.

With that, you’ll also need the meeting credentials in order to be able to join in, and these remain the same as other recent WROCC meetings – so if you’ve joined before, you already have them, but if not simply contact the group in plenty of time.

WROCC is funded by memberships, the cost of which is just £7.50 per year, which is very good value. As well as supporting one of the largest RISC OS user groups in the UK, the modest membership fee gets you access to their online discussion list, and you’ll become a recipient of the self-titled monthly WROCC newsletter, delivered to your email inbox as a PDF file.

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