RISC OS games featured in Fusion magazine

Last October, RISC OS users were introduced to Andrew Oyston by way of that month’s Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) meeting. Andrew is a retro hardware and games enthusiast who has covered RISC OS (and other topics) in Pixel Addict magazine1 – and he has been in touch to highlight another article he has written in another publication.

This time it’s issue 45 of Fusion, a magazine that – according to the main Fusion Magazine page on the publisher’s website – was a magazine for ZX Spectrum owners in the 1980s and 1990s, which has been resurrected to carry reviews of more up-to-date titles, as well as new features and articles, as well as a number of regular columns.

Given that this is issue 45, the new incarnation of the magazine is presumably proving to be successful – so let’s make it a little more successful, at least for this issue, and at the same time give the publisher a reason to consider asking Andrew for more!

Andrew’s feature in the magazine covers recent titles from AMCOG Games and Soft Rock Software – which obviously means a glass is raised here in the bunker, and my copy is on order!


  1. Speaking of Pixel Addict, if you haven’t caught that magazine yet, it’s well worth checking out, even if it’s only the issues that feature RISC OS (and/or older Acorn computers). Highlights in particular include a write up of the 2022 Wakefield Show by Andrew in issue 5, a report of this year’s show in issue 12 (which I imagine was also written by Andrew, but I’ve only just placed my order), and Tom Williamson of Wi-Fi Sheep is also contributing a short series to the magazine, focusing on the BBC Micro – but if you browse the back issues, you’ll definitely find more of interest.

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