A taste of what’s in store from AMCOG at the next WROCC meeting

The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) will next meet up on Wednesday, 3rd August, and the guest speaker will be Tony Bartram of AMCOG Games.

With the London Show only a few months away, Tony will be showing the group previews and alpha-stage demos of what he has in development, and intends to -hopefully- be able to release at the show.

The meeting will be held online, using the Zoom video conferencing system, and will be open for anyone to attend, member or otherwise. The only requirements are:

  • A computer or other device capable of running the Zoom software, which is available for most mainstream platforms.
  • The log-in details for the meeting. These are the same as other recent WROCC virtual meetings, so if you’ve attended one you should have them – but if not, they will be provided if you get in touch.

The official start time for the meeting is 7:45pm, so if you want a sneak peek at what’s in store from AMCOG later this year, you know where to do!

Something else worth doing if you haven’t already is joining the club. The cost is very low – just £5.00 for your first year, and £10.00 per year following that – and in return you’ll get free entry into physical meetings if you happen to be in the area and fancy attending, access to the group’s online discussion list, and a copy of their monthly newsletter, the WROCC, emailed to you in PDF format.

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