TrainTimes put back on the right track

A new version of TrainTimes has been released by Kevin Wells. The program helps you plan your trips around the country on public transport by providing a way to look up railway timetables and destinations from within RISC OS.

The application works by making use of your internet connection and Wget to interrogate the Transport API site with your requests.

The previous version gave you the option, via the Extra Info menu, of visiting one of two web pages – the station’s page on the National Rail website or its Wikipedia page – or to look at the station on a map. Apparently, though, if Sine Nomine’s Nominatum hadn’t been seen by the filer, clicking the Wikipedia entry on that menu caused the program to crash. This has been fixed in version 1.19.

If you use Kevin’s software and find it useful, you could support his efforts by buying some merchandise, or just handing him some money.

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