HTTPServ and SSI updated

An updated version of HTTPServ (0.12b) is now available to download from Thomas Milius‘ website (in the ‘Computer Activities’ section), or from !Store. The separate SSI program (0.02) – available to download from the website, and included in the HTTPServ download from !Store – has also been updated.

HTTPServ is a freeware web server program allowing RISC OS users to connect their machines to the internet and host websites on them. SSI, on the other hand, is a support program that provides ‘server side include’ functionality, allowing web pages hosted on the server to access external resources provided on the host machine. Between the two programs, a number of issues have been dealt with.

According to Thomas, Herbert zur Nedden found a pair of bugs in the PHP adapters of HTTPServ, which have now been corrected. There was also a notable bug in the SSI handling when nested loops were involved.

New features include an additional SSI adapter that provides URL query parameters in SSI variables, and there is now an acceleration option for the exec command. A new command has been added to SSI, which allows it to handle CSV files.

In terms of examples of how to use some features, those provided with HTTPServe now have short explanations, and a new one has been added, demonstrating how to create a web-based store using SSI and BBC BASIC.

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