Jul 232016

The perfect computer for anyone who likes Airfix models. Or Ikea furniture.

A name not many people in the RISC OS world will have heard of until very recently is Ident Computer, run by Shrewsbury-based Tom Williamson. Tom founded his company, the Ident Broadcasting & Communications Group, in 2006, and Ident Computer is a comparatively recent addition to the group, with the aim of preserving and exhibiting retro computers, and to aid and build new resources for education and entertainment. Continue reading »

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Feb 292016

It was Pi time we had a new one.

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the release of the original Raspberry Pi – and it is also the first year that the cheap, credit card-sized computer can celebrate its anniversary on the correct date, having been first put on sale on 29th February, 2012.

And the Raspberry Pi Foundation have celebrated by adding another new version to the range: The Raspberry Pi 3. Continue reading »

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Feb 252016

Anyone who purchases R-Comp‘s ARMSX ARMX6 computer at this Saturday’s show will walk away with a slightly better machine than the standard specification. That’s because the company will be including an additional 64GB of storage – one of the optional upgrades available when purchasing the computer normally. Continue reading »

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Feb 242016

It may be old skool, but some people still have old skreens.

Following the recent OS upgrade from R-Comp for their ARMSX ARMX6 computer, which – amongst other things – enhanced the HDMI capabilities of the machine, the company is now able to offer a means to connect the computer to older display hardware that needs an analogue VGA connection. Continue reading »

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Feb 242016

And you won’t even need to go to the bar first!

The Titanium motherboard from Elesar Ltd features a pair of DVI-I video connectors, each of which is capable of driving a 1920 x 1080 display, with full 24-bit colour – and visitors to the the Southwest Show on Saturday will be able to see it doing just that, with both video outputs being utilised to display a single desktop spanning two screens. Continue reading »

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Feb 232016

About a week ago, R-Comp made OS Update 6 available to users of the ARMSX ARMX6 computer.

The update brings with it a very welcome new feature for those using it via a HDMI connection to a monitor that has speakers – or those with other audio equipment that they’d like to use – because the headline feature is support for audio over HDMI. Continue reading »

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Feb 232016

The first full computer to be based around the Titanium motherboard from Elesar Ltd will be launched at the Southwest Show on Saturday.

The computer is to be called the RapidO Ti, as already revealed, and comes from the little shop with a lot of stock, CJE Micro’s – and Chris Evans says they’ll have some on the day that customers will be able to take away with them. Continue reading »

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Nov 262015

Not quite as cheap as chips – but not far off at all!

When the Raspberry Pi was first announced, some people joked about its proposed price, saying things like if it was much cheaper, it wouldn’t be long before a computer was included as a free gift in a box of breakfast cereal. And while that hasn’t happened – yet – today saw something not that far removed: A computer provided as a free cover gift on a magazine. Continue reading »

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