News nybble: RISCOSbits Etsy shop

If you want to get away from the usual rectangular cases for your Raspberry Pi, a new range of shaped cases has been introduced by RISCOSbits. There are two basic shapes; Disq is circular, cut from 5mm fluorescent green acrylic, and there are five optional engraved designs on the top, such as a space invader, or Cthulhu, all of which are priced at £19.50 plus p&p. Then there are Winky, Hyde, and Stinky – ghost shaped cases, also cut from 5mm acrylic, but red, orange, and blue respectively, and all priced at £22.00 plus p&p.

If you want to purchase any of these cases, rather than head to the RISCOSbits website you need to instead look at the RISCOSbits Etsy shop. Andy Marks tells me he’s set up the shop in order to try out a different platform for selling, as well as to see if there is any scope for selling beyond the traditional RISC OS market.

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