New RISCBook Plus model available from R-Comp

A new model RISCBook will be available from R-Comp at the London Show, on Saturday, 26th October.

The RISCBook range is based on laptops with VirtualRiscPC installed, running on top of Windows, unlike the new ARMBook which is an ARM-based laptop that runs RISC OS natively, and the new model is described by R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley as having a “dream spec”. That specification includes:

  • * A 1920×1080 17″ IPS screen, which Andrew describes as one of the best screens he’s ever had the pleasure of using.
  • Quad-core, eight-thread i5 CPU.
  • Eight or sixteen gigabytes of RAM.
  • Easy access for upgrades.
  • Twin internal hard drives, with options of having two solid state drives, or one SSD and one traditional hard drive.
  • DVD writer.
  • Modern WiFi and USB 3 (including a USB-C port).
  • HDMI output and dedicated Nvidia graphics card.
  • Good quality sound.

The operating systems supplied are Windows 10 (the operating system running natively on the laptop) and RISC OS 4+ running in the emulator. UniPrint is also supplied by R-Comp, to allow RISC OS applications to print via whatever printer is connected to the laptop, and to provide other benefits such as launching URLs in the host system’s browser.

The starting price for the new RISCBook laptop is £899.00 inclusive, depending on your chosen specifications.

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