Fireworkz Pro, Messenger Pro updated in time for London Show

New versions of both Fireworkz Pro (now at v2.31) and Messenger Pro (now at v8.05) have been released by R-Comp in time for the London Show – and if you can’t wait until Saturday (or can’t make it to the show) they are both available from !Store right now. If you can make it to the show, they will be available to buy on CD, with the CDs also containing the Windows versions of both programs plus other material.

News nybble: Fireworkz Pro price reduced until the end of September

It’s a show meeting discount! Stuart Swales will be the guest speaker for the RISC OS User Group of London’s next meeting, where he will be talking about his time at both Acorn and Colton Software. To coincide with the meeting, which takes place on Monday, 21st September via Zoom, the price of Fireworkz Pro has been reduced in price by roughly half until the end of this month. The application is an integrated office suite, consisting of word processor, spreadsheet, and database components. Originally developed and sold by Colton…

News nybble: Fireworkz Pro 2.20 released at London Show

Available from R-Comp at the London Show this weekend will be a new version of Fireworkz Pro, an integrated word processor, spreadsheet and database application. Version 2.20 includes support for the global clipboard, allowing the application to copy (or cut) and paste data to or from other applications. The software has also benefited from several bug fixes and minor improvements, along with major internal changes and restructuring, to pave the way for future modifications (and internationalisation). The CD edition is priced at £39.00 with upgrades from v1 costing £20.00. Those…

Fireworkz Pro 2 released at London Show

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 21st October, 2015. We are pleased to announce the release of Fireworkz Pro 2 at the London Show this weekend. Fireworkz Pro 2 is a huge upgrade for the popular Fireworkz integrated word processor / spreadsheet / database software. The list of “bullet point” improvements alone covers 11 A4 sheets of paper, so you can imagine the scope of work that this has entailed!

Fireworkz and Fireworkz Pro updates

Dynamite! Back in late 2011, RISC OS users saw the welcome return of Fireworkz and Fireworkz Pro, an integrated word processor, spreadsheet and – in the case of the Pro version – database package. The software, originally from Colton Software, had been resurrected by Stuart Swales, and has seen a number of releases since. Fireworkz (and the file compatible Fireworkz for Windows) are now free to download from Gerald Fitton’s Abacus Training website, and are both now up to version 1.34/10. Updates to Fireworkz Pro, which remains commercial and is…