Fireworkz Pro updated

R-Comp have released another update to Fireworkz Pro for RISC OS, the integrated word processor, spreadsheet and database package previously developed and sold by Colton.

This latest development, bringing the software up to version 1.34/05, boasts the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Improved drawfile export.
  • Problems with graphs/charting have been resolved.
  • Improved menus, with better control over inserting/adding/removing rows and columns.
  • A display problem with keyboard shortcuts has been resolved.
  • Saving in other formats (exporting) is now possible y pressing Shift-F3.
  • Improved Excel import.
  • Improved CSV import.

The new version is being sent by email to those people who have purchased it from R-Comp (which is their usual approach for updates – rather than upgrades), so if you are one of those people, check your mailboxes some time around… well, now, actually.

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