Fireworkz Pro 2.10 released

Fireworkz iconA new version of Fireworkz Pro has been released by R-Comp.

The software is an integrated word processor, spreadsheet and database package that was originally released by Colton Software in the 1990s, and resurrected a few years ago by Stuart Swales, one of Colton’s programmers. It has seen regular updates since.

A significant upgrade to the software came late last year, with version 2.00 of Fireworkz Pro being released at the 2015 London Show, and the latest update includes a significant number of changes, bringing it up to version 2.10. The full list of changes can be found on the software’s release history page, and a number of areas are covered including minor cosmetic issues, improved graphics support, better Excel compatibility, bug fixes, and more.

Compatibility with Microsoft Excel has been improved, with better support for stylistic information found in imported Excel spreadsheets, such as cell alignment and background colours – and, according to R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley, there is now “better compatibility with the slightly odd Excel sheets exported from some Mac spreadsheet software.”1

One of the ways graphics handling has been improved is that the software now uses ChangeFSI, if available, to convert a wider range of graphics formats. Support has now also been added for loading Poster and Vector files.

The software can be purchased for £39 via !Store, with the update to version 2.10 being free for those who already have Fireworkz Pro 2. Existing customers should be able to download it using !Store if it was purchased that way in the first place, or has since been registered in it by way of R-Comp’s registration scheme – if not, contact the company.

Fireworkz non-Pro

For those who don’t need the database element, the non-Pro version of the software is available free of charge, and can be downloaded from Colton Software website. It, too, has been updated to version 2.10.


  1. Mac software doing slightly differently, and therefore needing extra work to cope with it? I would never have expected that!

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