BusTimes 1.18 released

Not long after updating TrainTimes so that it could launch RiscOSM(or other suitable application) to display stations on a map, Kevin Wells has added a similar facility to BusTimes, an application that allows users of public transport to plan their bus journeys using the RISC OS desktop.

Version 1.18 of BusTimes can now launch RiscOSM to display a map, with the stop in question pinned – buttons to do this appear on the window for the stop itself and on the timetable window for the buses themselves. For users in (or would-be visitors to) London, buses in the capital city are now grouped by route for a particular stop, and the bus stop and future windows are now able to display more buses.

The software uses Wget to relay the data requested by the user from the Transport API website.

If you find BusTimes or any of Kevin’s other applications useful, you could always thank him for his efforts either by buying some merch or bunging him a few quid via Ko-Fi.

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