BusTimes version 1.19

Kevin Wells has identified and fixed a minor bug in BusTimes, his application that can be used to check the timetables of buses and their stops when planning trips in the UK.

The program works by using Wget to pass the user’s search information to the Transport API website. The results are then displayed by BusTimes in its windows.

When requesting information based on a postcode and that postcode contained a hard space – for example where the information had been copied from a web page, and that page used a non-breaking space between the two component parts – results could not be found. Kevin has now added a check/conversion for hard spaces, so version 1.19 of the software is now able to cope in this situation.

Other than this fix, there are no other new features in the latest version.

If you find this or any of Kevin’s other software useful, why not consider reward him for his efforts, and in doing so supporting its development. You can do this by either buying some merchandise, or by simply chucking a small sum his way.

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