Improved GPX output in BusTimes 1.13

Kevin Wells’ BusTimes application provides a means for RISC OS users who travel by bus to look up information online about particular stops – retrieving the times for buses that stop there, and additional route information about them. It does this by using Wget to communicate under the hood with the TransportAPI website.

The software has now been updated to version 1.13, which brings with it some improvements to the GPX (GPS – or Global Positioning System – eXchange format) output of the software. This aspect of the software allows the data it exports to be displayed and used in other software that accepts it – such as suitable mapping software, in order to look at the bus stops – and others visited by a particular bus – on a map.

The output file now includes the date and time (with the time being based on Greenwich Mean Time), and a link to look up the bus stop on the web. If the bus stop has a number associated with it, that number is not used for the ‘pin’ in RiscOSM.

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