If you missed one update to BusTimes, there was another soon after

Kevin Wells has released two updates to his BusTimes application in fairly quick succession, with the latest version being 1.15.

The update to version 1.14 gave it the ability to save the bus stop timetable, and a better description of the selected bus stop on its window, with its location indicator as well as its name. Under the hood improvements included the application clearing its scrap directory when quit, and more robust handling of open files in the event of a crash, and a check if Wget has been seen by the filer.

Another improvement in that version was that if there was no timetable for a particular route from the stop, the relevant icon would be greyed-out. However, it turned out that the icon wasn’t subsequently reactivated when necessary – hence the update to version 1.15.

The application uses Wget to send queries to the Transport API website, in order to look up information about bus routes and bus times from the RISC OS desktop.

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