BusTimes 1.17 arriving now

If you need to use public transport – whether regularly, occasionally, or as a one off – it’s handy if you can plan your route, and while there are websites that will enable you to do so they may not work well (if at all) on RISC OS. This is where Kevin Wells’ BusTimes application comes in, a standalone application that uses Wget to fetch the data it needs from the Transport API site. Kevin has just released version 1.17 of the application.

New features in this version include a ‘Refresh’ button on the timetable window for the stop, which will update its contents with the latest data. Clicking on the icon bar icon, meanwhile, will reload the data for the chosen default bus stop into that window. The timetable data for that stop can now also be saved in CSV format for loading into another application.

The bus route timetable window now shows the arrival and departure times for each stop, denoted with an A and a D respectively, and the various save options for this window now incorporate this new data. The window has also gained a little width to fit all the data more comfortably – this may seem unnecessary in many cases, but apparently some stops on some routes do need the extra space.

If you’d like to support Kevin’s efforts, there is merchandise available, or you could just pay him a small amount.

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