OpenVector and DrawPlus gain new feature

A genuine “Nothing to see here, move along please” response to a click. Christopher Martin has released another update to OpenVector and DrawPlus, bringing them up to version 3.41.2, introducing a new feature to both, while OpenGridPro remains at version 3.41. That new feature presents itself when clicking with the Alt key held down; when […]

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DRenderer 0.56 beta 8

Another bug squashed, poor little mite. With the release of Chris Gransden’s ports of Hheretic and Hhexen, a problem was found with the then latest version of the DRenderer module – 0.56 beta 6. Christopher Martin, who has been updating the module lately, was hot on the case and released beta 7, which he thought […]


DrawPrint 1.39 in hot pursuit of 1.38

Murphy’s law alive and well in the world of RISC OS software. A new version of DrawPrint is available from Sine Nomine Software, released to deal with a problem discovered in the previous version very soon after its release. DrawPrint is an application that provides more control when printing Drawfiles, sprites or JPEGs, allowing them […]


ArtWorks 2.X2 arrives

Straight up! Or curved a bit, with a variable width and graduated fill! For what may have been a first, this year’s Wakefield Show saw Martin Wuerthner demonstrating a new version of ArtWorks that wasn’t actually ready for sale – though he expected it to become available soon after. After only a very short time, […]


More puzzles in Wrangler and SuperDoku

Even more ways to avoid being productive. Hot on the heels of Wakefield, Sine Nomine Software have announced new versions of their popular puzzle games, Wrangler and SuperDoku, adding new puzzle types to both. SuperDoku is an advanced Sudoku generating and solving application, which can handle more than just standard Sudoku puzzles – it can […]


OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus: Three apps, three updates

You’re once, twice, three times an upgrade. Christopher Martin has been busy of late. Not content with updates to FFmpeg, FFplay, amongst others, he has also released three updates to OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus. These three are open source enhancements to Draw, with OpenVector and OpenGridPro themselves originally being developed by Jonathan Marten from DrawPlus, […]


Impulse module updated after 10 years

Apps can’t help acting on impulse. The Impulse module was originally released by Computer Concepts (now Xara), and was in part the result of the company’s plans to develop a replacement for Arthur, the operating system used on the Archimedes computers before Acorn brought out RISC OS 2. The module provides a mechanism for inter-application […]


DRenderer module updated

That is not the DRenderer you are looking for. The DigitalRenderer (DRenderer) module, which is usually supplied along with the SharedUnixLibrary, is used to provide sound support for applications and games ported to RISC OS which make use of that library. However, the version supplied with SharedUnixLibrary on can play back audio at the […]


Hheretic and Hhexen ports

Hheaps of hhectic gameplay for the price of a download or two. Chris Gransden is continuing to keep himself busy porting things to RISC OS, with Hheretic and Hhexen having been announced just a couple of days before this year’s Wakefield show. These two games are ports of Hheretic and Hhexen, which are Linux ports […]


DrawPrint 1.38 available

Free printing utility even better value for money than before. DrawPrint is an application that allows the user to print a Drawfile (or Sprite or JPEG) over several pages, with full control of the scale. Margins can be set, with the option of the printed image overlapping from one page to the next, or have […]