DadJokes becomes multilingual

Now you can tell corny jokes in other languages.

Kevin Wells has released an updated version of his cheesy joke application, DadJokes. Bringing it up to version 1.01, the new version of the application introduces a new feature, although that feature also brings a new (known) bug with it – but to balance that out slightly, Kevin has also squashed another small bug.

The software’s purpose is quite simple: It presents a random joke to the user. While chuckle-inducing, these jokes are usually very cheesy, and if not they’re very corny – but who can really tell the difference?

The new feature is the ability to translate the fetched joke into another language, so you can be cheesy and/or corny to foreign friends; there is a new Translate menu icon, through which a language can be selected and thence the joke translated.

Although, as Kevin himself says, whether the translated jokes make sense is another matter entirely – not all humour translates well.

Unfortunately, the new feature does also bring a bug with it – if the translated joke contains too many characters, the application falls over. However, as well as this newly minted bug, another has been squashed: There was a simple typo in an Obey file, which referred to the icon sprite by the wrong name – which is all too easily done.

The application requires a copy of Wget and a working internet connection. It draws the random joke from, and the translation is performed by MyMemory.

Kevin has also uploaded a video of the new version of DadJokes to demonstrate how it works

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