ROUGOL’s plans for early 2023

World domination not on the cards – just some meeting information.

With all the shenanigans surrounding the tail end of the year out of the way – Christmas, New Year, hangovers (lots of hangovers, probably) – details of some of the first few RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) meetings of 2023 have been released.

Monday, 16th January – RISC OS Developments Ltd

The first ROUGOL meeting of the year will be a hybrid one in more ways than one. As well as the meeting having both a physical (in the pub) element as well as a remote (using Zoom) one, the speakers for the event will be similarly split: RISC OS Developments will be represented by both Richard Brown and Andrew Rawnsley, with Richard appearing in person at the pub, and Andrew appearing from afar using Zoom.

The pair will be talking about the latest developments from the company, bringing everyone up to speed on where things are with things like the Iris web browser, Pinboard 2, the new TCP/IP stack, and perhaps even other things they may have in the works.

Andrew is of course also the face behind R-Comp, and while he won’t be at the pub, a current R-Comp work-in-progress will be – Richard will be bringing along his Pinebook Pro, so those who attend in person will be able to have a play with the device and find out for themselves what it’s like.

And as the dynamic duo that brings us the Southwest Show, which will be taking place this year on Saturday, 25th February, it would be fair to anticipate some up to date news on what we can expect to see there.

Monday, 20th February, and Monday, 20th March

The venue currently used by ROUGOL for physical meetings will be closed for refurbishment for a period covering these two dates, so the these two will be online only.

However, as yet nothing has been arranged in terms of speakers or subjects – so if you have an idea for a subject, or indeed something you’d like to talk to the group about, why not get in touch to set it up?

Monday, 17th April – Ben Finn, co-creator of Sibelius

One of the killer applications for RISC OS for a time was Sibelius, a piece of software for writing musical scores. Sibelius (the company) was founded in the early 1990s by Ben and his brother Jonathan, who had been developing the software since the mid-late 1980s.

Ben will be joining ROUGOL in the pub to talk about the history of the software – how and why they decided to write it and any interesting things that happened through its history, as well as some technical details about its development.

It is very likely that this meeting will not be a hybrid one, and instead be an in-person only event, so if you want to hear what Ben has to say (and what Sibelius can do – Sibelius will hopefully be linked up to a MIDI synthesizer) you’ll need to make your way to the pub at which the group meets – full details of which can be found on the website.

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