AMCOG levels up SCUBA Hunter and 3D Pingo

And there’s 30% off for one week!

If you’ve purchased either SCUBA Hunter or 3D Pingo from AMCOG Games, whether in person at a show or online from within RISC OS via !Store, there’s a bonus in store (or actually in !Store) for you right now. Both games have been updated with additional levels – five for SCUBA Hunter and three for 3D Pingo.

Updates are free, and can be downloaded via !Store – simply run that, log-in and download the updated versions, complete with new levels. If you purchased them that way in the first place, you have everything you need, but if you bought them by any other means, such as directly from Tony Bartram at a RISC OS event, and therefore have physical media, you should find a special code in the case; you can use that code to download the update, again via !Store.

If you have yet to buy either game, you can now do so for a reduced price – for one week only, both games are available to buy from !Store with 30% knocked off, making them just £6.99 each.

3D Pingo is a 3D platform game, in which you must guide Pingo around the levitating platforms to collect all of the jewels – being careful not to fall off, and staying out of the way of the various monsters.

3D Pingo, Level 3
3D Pingo, Level 7

The game features original music, sound effects, three difficulty levels – and eleven levels (previously eight).

SCUBA Hunter is a diving game in the style of Repton or Boulder-dash, in which you must swim your way through a maze of caverns, collecting all of the diamonds. Here you must avoid sharks and other sea beasties, and watch out that any rocks you dislodge don’t cause you a headache – either physically if they fall on you, or by blocking your way.

SCUBA Hunter, Level 3
SCUBA Hunter, Level 3

Features of this game include rota-scoped animation, original music, USB joystick support, and now fifteen levels where there were previously ten. And if you want to see this game in action before you buy it, there is now a demo video on YouTube.

Another way to see it in action first, along with any of AMCOG’s other titles – and to discuss them with the developer – is to head to Bristol for Saturday, 25th February; Tony Bartram will be at the RISC OS Southwest Show to demonstrate and talk about any of the existing AMCOG range, and may even have something new to show off.

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