Party time at the next ROUGOL meeting

The next RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) meeting will take place on Monday, 15th August, and rather than having a guest speaker or themed discussion, the meeting will instead be something much simpler – with the unambigious title:

Summer Party!

RISC OS users are invited to head along to the venue – this will be an in-person only event – on the evening in question to enjoy some friendly chat over drinks and food. With no set agenda, topics can cover whatever you can think of to bring up – or, if you’ve acquired any interesting gadgets, which may or may not be ARM powered and may or may not run RISC OS, you could bring these along as a talking point.

Even if you have nothing to bring, there will be some Raspberry Pi and RPCEmu setups on which you can try things out, and you may need to watch where you step as there may be some drunk robots roaming around.

Okay, the robots themselves won’t be drunk – but their handlers might be.

As noted above, this is will be an in-person only event, with no option to join over the internet from afar. While remote meetings are very useful, as they allow more people to join and from further affield, they can also be a bind on the group’s physical presence with fewer people venturing to the venues. In the long run this can be problematic. In ROUGOL’s case, for instance, enough people need to attend come along to make it worthwhile for the venue to keep the room free for their use.

So if you can get along to the venue, please do. The fun will begin at 7:00pm, and you’ll need to head for:

The Duke of Sussex pub,
23 Baylis Road,
SE1 7AY.

The meetings usually take place upstairs in the Chichester Room, and there should be someone from ROUGOL there from around 6:30pm.

The pub is easy to reach by public transport, being behind Waterloo Station, which offers easy access from around London and the Southeast, and if you’re coming in by car there is parking available after 6:30pm on Coral Street. More detailed information and a map can be found on the venue page of ROUGOL’s website.

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