Four into three does go, thanks to RISCOSbits

If you’ve been looking to buy some new RISC OS kit, but the rising cost of living and the need to watch your pennies has put you off splashing out, RISCOSbits may have the answer.

The company has embraced PayPal‘s ‘Pay in 3‘ system, which allows you to purchase goods and pay for them in three instalments, meaning you can now buy a brand spanking new RISC OS computer from either the RISCOSbits or PiHard websites, and spread the payments over three months.

One example cited by RISCOSbits in their press release is a Pi Harder 4240 which, with 4GB RAM and a 240GB SSD, would ordinarily set you back £219.00. Adding the EDOS option – a dual boot solution that puts both RISC OS and Linux at you fingertips – would push that up to £244.00, and with insured P&P on top of that your total would be £251.50. Under the PayPal ‘Pay in 3’ scheme, however, you’d pay £83.84 straight away, then two lots of £83.83, one in a month’s time, and the second a month later again – and the new computer would be in your hands soon after making the first payment!

You don’t necessarily need to buy a new computer to benefit! The lower limit of the offer is £30.00 including postage, and the full range of RISCOSbits’ products are eligible to be purchased under it – all you need to do is ensure the total value of your order comes to at least that, and you’re good to go with the ‘Pay in 3’ scheme.

PayPal also offer a 0% interest option on purchases of £99.00 or more, with repayments spread over four months. This requires that you fill in an application form, but you’ll get an instant decision – and once approved and accepted for PayPal Credit, it becomes available for any and all qualifying purchases (i.e. those over £99.00) and not just the one being made at the time.

To take advantage of either option when buying a standard system from RISCOSbits, simply use the ‘Buy It’ buttons, and when you get to the PayPal stage, sign in (don’t just pay by card without doing so) and should the amount be high enough, the the ‘Pay in 3’ and ‘PayPal credit’ options will be available to you when choosing your payment type.

RISCOSbits also offers customised systems, and will even install software and add-ons normally sold by other providers. To take advantage of the instalment schemes for such an order, you should get in touch using the Custom Quote form on the PiHard store.

The company has also introduced a new-old scheme that allows you to provide your own Raspberry Pi in order for it to be built into a standard RISCOSbits computer. Formerly called ‘Ruggedizer’ when it was introduced in 2018, introduced with the BURP range of cases, the new incarnation of the scheme is called ‘FOURtify’.

FOURTify is aimed squarely at owners of the Raspberry Pi 4, with options for the boards into Pi Harder, PiRO Noir, FOURtress, or PiAno machines. A full range of specifications is available, including SD card and hard drive sizes, and the software package supplied with the end machine, and any custom software available from RISCOSbits for controlling power and fans for the relevant system is included.

To take advantage of this scheme, there is a FOURtify form to fill in as the first step, then you just need to sit back and wait for your reply with further instructions.

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