TrainTimes gains improved platform access

Kevin Wells has released another new version of his application for looking up train timetables. Version 1.20 of TrainTimes has a small user interface change, and a code change to address a problem on one platform.

The user interface change is to the Station and Future windows, which previously sported a Map icon to call up a map showing the station, if Sine Nomine’s Nominatim had been seen. This has been replaced with an ‘Info’ button which, when clicked, brings up an ‘Extra Info’ menu with three items, allowing you to view the National Rail Enquiries website’s page for the station, a Wikipedia page for the station, or to view the map as before.

The menu entry for viewing the map is greyed out if Nominatim has not been seen by the RISC OS filer. Coincidentally, the code change was to the way TrainTimes checks to see if Nominatim is available because this apparently wasn’t working on one platform (VirtualAcorn) but now should.

The program works by sending requests for information, using Wget to relay requests for information to the Transport API website, and then parsing and displaying the results, making it easier for RISC OS users to access an online service that may otherwise be unavailable to them without resorting to another platform.

If you use and like Kevin’s software, why not consider rewarding him for his efforts to bring such third party services to the RISC OS desktop? You could simply send some cash his way, or buy some merchandise.

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