ScummVM bounds on with another new release

The team behind ScummVM – which includes Cameron Cawley maintaining the RISC OS port – has pushed out another new version, adding support for a further nine classic games across six engines.

ScummVM is a ‘virtual machine’ that was originally developed to make it possible to play games developed using LucasArts’ Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion (SCUMM) on modern platforms – which the games themselves could never run on except under emulation. It has since progressed way beyond that initial remit, and can be used to play games developed with a number of engines.

The latest release – version 2.6.0 – adds support for titles such as Marvel Comics Spider-Man: The Sinister Six, Clandestiny, Uncle Henry’s Playhouse, and more.

Updates to the main program aren’t just about supporting more games, though, and the update also improves things for games already supported, with a number of bugs dealt with – and the system’s GUI has also seen an update.

A change specific to the RISC OS version is that the port now uses a single application again, instead of splitting the engines across two builds, and the VFP build has also been restored.

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