New toys from RISCOSbits at London

Saturday will be a Good Day to PiHard!

There will be some new toys available from RISCOSbits at the London Show, which takes place on Saturday – new cases, docks for R-Comp‘s mini.m, and systems based around the Wandboard. In addition, the company’s website has been updated to reflect the new and existing range, with options to buy some items directly, rather than through eBay.

There is also a show stock list available to download – a PDF file detailing the various items that will be available at the show. If your weekend includes a visit to the event, but what you want isn’t listed on the stock list, the updated website also offers a means to get in touch with RISCOSbits’ Andy Marks in the run up to the event, so if need be you can order a specific item in time for collection on the day.

The range of cases has been expanded with not only a selection designed in-house, but also some from third parties. The third party designs of course include the Risc CE from Ident Computers, the two companies having entered into an arrangement earlier this year, and also official Raspberry Pi cases, but with a RISCOSbits’ skin of your choice.

The new systems include the Qadro, based around the Wandboard Quad, which features a 1GHz processor with four cores (though RISC OS only uses one at present), 2GB RAM, SSD storage options ranging from 120GB to 500GB, and a choice of cases.

Another is the PiHard. This is  a budget system based around the Raspberry Pi – with a choice of which Pi to use – and with the same storage and case options, and Andy tells me he has a couple of special models that he’s called PiHard with a Vengeance. Yippee ki yay!

So, to see these and the other offerings from RISCOSbits, you need to make your way to the Nakatomi Plaza St Giles Hotel, Feltham, for the London Show this Saturday.

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