Meet the mini.m and see the si.zeRO in London on Monday

Both small, but still visible without the use of a magnifying glass!

The mini.m computer - R-Comp's new tiny toy

This year’s Wakefield show (report coming to be started soon at some point) saw the launch of a new computer from R-Comp, called the mini.m. The system is most easily described as a mini version of the ARMSX ARMX6, squeezed down so that it fits in a cube measuring just two inches in each dimension.

But what if you weren’t at Wakefield, and want to see this computer with your own eyes? Your best bet is to hope someone brings one along to your local user group meeting – so if your local user group is the RISC OS User Group of London, you’ll be in luck on Monday, 20th August, because the mini.m is just one of the things that will feature at the group’s meeting that evening.

As well as R-Comp’s new toy, anyone attending the meeting will be able to get a sneak preview of not just one, but two new products from RISCOSbits, which the company is aiming to launch at the London Show in October. 

The first of these is an add-on for the mini.m called the mini.mSATA. This is an mSATA “dock” for the cube-computer that provides an mSATA SSD drive while keeping things nice and tidy.

While the mini.m may be very diminutive in size (though the addition of a mini.mSATA will increase that), it might still seem excessively large to some – so the second of RISCOSbits’ products to be previewed is especially for those people. The si.zeRO is a Raspberry Pi Zero-based system, with added USB and ethernet ports, all packaged in a neat little acrylic case, and coming in at around the third of the size of that huge cube from R-Comp.

As ever, the meeting will run from 7:45pm in the restaurant upstairs at:

The Blue-Eyed Maid,
173 Borough High Street,
SE1 1HR.

There is no charge for admittance, and everyone is welcome. The Blue-Eyed Maid serves a range of hot and cold food, as well as both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Located between – and only a short walk through streets covered by CCTV – London Bridge and Borough tube stations, the venue is easily accessible by public transport. There is also ample cycle parking nearby, which is also covered by CCTV.

Drivers need to take into account that the meeting is in central London, so should allow for that when considering travel time and parking. The Congestion Charge ends at 6:00pm, long before the meeting, and it’s best not to park until after 7:00pm on single red or yellow lines – while double reds are restricted at all times.

If you need any help finding the group, you can contact ROUGOL by email, by telephone on 07970 211 629, or as @ROUGOL on Twitter.

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