Snippets – 24th December 2011

Version 1.01 of Kevin Wells’ Simon Clone, Kevmon, is now available. An new ‘expert’ level has been added in this version, featuring eight coloured lights along with the usual four in the normal game.

According to Jeff Dogget, Fat32FS, the filing system for USB mass storage devices on the IYONIX and BeagleBoard based computers, is now at version 1.39. This release fixes a bug with drives greater than 256GB.

In My Diary, the Organizer-like program by Kevin Edwards for Windows, Mac and Linux, is now able to use Organizer’s Journal files – the files from Organizer simply need to be copied into the appropriate place for your chosen platform, as described in the documentation. Journal data is encrypted once it has been read into In My Diary, and new Journal entries are created simply by clicking over a date in the diary. The diary data file can also now be encrypted as it is saved.

UnitConv, from Chris Johnson, has been updated to version 2.30. The application allows the easy conversion between a variety of units, generally SI and Imperial, but also some more specialised conversions, such as energy equivalents, and provides a number of calculators, such as a binary/octal/decimal/hexadecimal calculator, and an image size calculator. The main change in this version is that there is now an inbuilt editor to allow changes, additions and deletions to the default unit conversions.

According to Jim Nagel, new versions of Labella, Calibre and Meddle are now available from the late Ray Favre’s website (which also now includes the tribute published in Archive magazine in May 2010). The new version of Labella sees bug fixes, small updates to the manual, and new envelope sizes, and the new versions of Calibre and Meddle sees “small changes”. Thanks are offered to Steve Fryatt, Chris Johnson, Martin Avison and others, and to Chris Newman for the new envelope size.

However, Steve Fryatt also added, via the Archive-Online mailing list, that “there’s a fairly fundamental bug in LaBella 6.42 which prevents the printing from working at all. As such, installing it isn’t advisable, given that it’s supposed to be a label printer. The bug is fixed in 6.43, which is currently with beta testers and should end up on Ray’s website as soon as Jim has the time to arrange access.”


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