Free patch available for PhotoDesk 3.14

CJE Micro’s has made a free patch available for photo editing and retouching package PhotoDesk, to address a problem experienced by some users of version 3.14 when using the application’s Special Effects filters. In some cases, use of the filters can cause what Chris Evans described as a “serious crash” – which, judging by a […]

News nybble: PhotoDesk 3.14 available at London Show

A new version of leading bitmap graphics editor PhotoDesk will be available at the London Show on Saturday from 4D, the sister company of CJE Micro’s. The new version brings a number of changes, including better JPEG support and improved compatibility for a number of modern RISC OS platforms (with support for the Raspberry Pi […]

RISC OS Awards 2016 results

The RISC OS Awards poll for 2016 was brought to a close on 29th February. As before, the results were processed and counted on a RISC OS computer (using a home-brewed program to turn the votes into a file for each category, ready to be loaded into Fireworkz), and initially announced on the @RISCOSitory Twitter […]

Show report: London 2016

Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor London? This year’s RISC OS London Show took place on 29th October, and while it wasn’t as large as last year’s event (which I’ll discuss near the end of this report) it was still an enjoyable and worthwhile one. So, without any further […]

Show report: London 2015

The who and the what. The only why is why weren’t you there? The 2015 RISC OS London Show took place on 24th October, 2015 – and while the number of visitors was (I believe) just shy of 110, there were plenty of RISC OS users unable to attend. So what did they miss?

New R-Comp Downloadable Software 2015 CD update

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 22nd October, 2015. At Wakefield, we launched the “R-Comp Downloadable Software 2015 CD” aka “!Store 2015 CD” for ease. This CD contained/contains all the download-only software that we’d released over the last twelve months in one nice, easy to purchase/install pack. You even saved money. All was good 🙂

Snippets – 13th March, 2015

Time for a good dollop of ketchup… erm, I mean, time to catch up! As ever, the result of devoting time to getting ready for a RISC OS show means putting other work to one side to deal with after – which therefore means I tend to be busy after the show, leading to a […]

Show report: London 2014

If you need to read this, shame on you – you weren’t there! The 2014 London Show took place two and a half weeks ago, on 25th October, at the St Giles Hotel, Feltham – and, with the trusty RISCOSitory coin suggesting anti-clockwise as the direction to take, here’s a rundown of who was there […]

It’s here at last: the London Show report 2013

Fanfares, please! The latest event in the RISC OS Calendar – the RISC OS London Show, 2013 – took place just over three weeks ago in its usual venue, the St Giles Hotel, Feltham. Organised by the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL), the show seemed from my point of view to be as busy […]