Free patch available for PhotoDesk 3.14

CJE Micro’s has made a free patch available for photo editing and retouching package PhotoDesk, to address a problem experienced by some users of version 3.14 when using the application’s Special Effects filters.

In some cases, use of the filters can cause what Chris Evans described as a “serious crash” – which, judging by a discussion on usenet group comp.sys.acorn.apps (before it veered onto the subject of whether the application should be called PhotoDesk or Photodesk1), looks as though it might specifically affect Iyonix, ARMiniX, and ARMX6.

The patch can be downloaded from the PhotoDesk page on CJE Micro’s website, and once applied it will upgrade the user’s installed copy of the application to version 3.14-17. Chris recommends that all users of version 3.14 update, though also suggests that if you’ve not experienced any problems, there is no need to rush.


  1. There is no strict policy on RISCOSitory when it comes to so-called ‘camel case’ (where one or more letters in the middle of a name are capitalised, thus giving the name a ‘hump’) – and nor any other case-oddities – other than, in general (and subject to getting it wrong and not noticing), to adopt the case used by whoever owns or supplies the software. For PhotoDesk, that’s CJE Micro’s2, and the company uses camel case for it – so camel case it is. However, that doesn’t preclude offering an opinion – and in this case the opinion is that “it’s ugly”. I’m not sure why that is, but I do think that in the case of PhotoDesk the capitalised ‘D’ makes the name look ugly.
  2. In the interests of completeness, it is worth noting that the software was originally developed and sold by Spacetech Ltd, and then Photodesk Ltd, and it doesn’t appear (after a very limited amount of checking) that either company used camel case for its name.

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