Chris Hall set to wave at London

Well, to talk about the Waveshare Mini-B IO board to ROUGOL. Same thing, right?

Not yet formally announced by the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL), but listed on the website, the group’s next meeting will take place on 19th February, and the speaker will be Chris Hall on the topic of the Waveshare Mini Base board (CM4-IO-BASE-B), which he will be bringing along with him to demonstrate.

Designed to accommodate a Pi Compute Module 4, the board provides the even smaller version of the small SBC (single board computer) with useful connectivity, making it a usable desktop (or portable) computing device, with a very similar footprint to the Raspberry Pi 4B. Chris will be showing off his board, fitted with a 4GB version of the Compute Module 4, with a 16GB eMMC, a Waveshare 5V variable speed fan, and a 512GB NVMe drive for storage.

Chris Hall's Waveshare Mini Base Board (B) fitted with a Compute Module 4, fan, etc.
Chris Hall’s Waveshare Mini Base Board (B) fitted with a Compute Module 4, fan, etc.
Chris Hall's Waveshare Mini Base Board (B) from the other side
Chris Hall’s Waveshare Mini Base Board (B) from the other side.

At present, RISC OS is unable to make use of the NVMe drive unless mounted in a USB caddie, so the one being shown by Chris houses a Linux distro at present, but he has already prepared it with a filecore partition in readiness for the day when RISC OS is able to see and access it.

How to set up that partitioning will be one aspect of his talk to ROUGOL, as well as how to build a real time clock (RTC)/fan board using a custom PCB, and a similar board to provide a fan and RTC for the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s IO board.

Taking place on 19th February as noted, the in-person aspect of the meeting – where you’ll be able to take an up close and personal look at the board – will be at:

The Duke of Sussex pub,
(Usually upstairs in either the Chichester or Petworth room),
23 Baylis Road,
SE1 7AY.

The meeting officially begins at 7:45pm, but there should be ROUGOL members on hand from around 6:30pm.

If you’re coming by public transport, the pub is very close to Waterloo Station, and for drivers there is car parking right outside. More details about both travel options can be found on the ROUGOL website.

If you are unable to join the group in the pub, the other option should be via Zoom – although this should be considered uncomfirmed until the meeting is officially announced. This is normally open for people to join from around 7:30pm.

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