Watching YouTube videos on RISC OS (updated)

While we all love RISC OS and its user interface, we all know that it is not an operating system without problems and deficiencies, because it simply hasn’t kept up with the main platforms in a number of areas – and one such area is access to online video streaming services such as YouTube. However, […]


FFplay speed boost

Smooth moves for the movies. FFplay, the simple media player closely associated with FFmpeg, has been updated. The version number remains at 1.23, and Christopher Martin, who has been working on both, describes the update as a minor one. A minor update which increases the player’s speed by up to 10%, with particular benefit to […]


FFmpeg and FFplay updates

Movie magic! Development of FFmpeg and FFplay continues, with Christopher Martin having released version 1.23 of these applications a few days before this year’s Wakefield show. FFmpeg is a versatile, open source, multi-platform video and audio converter, described as “the leading multimedia framework, able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play pretty […]


FFmpeg, FFplay, DRenderer updated

Updates that are a bit like buses. Except more frequent. So not like buses at all, then. New versions of FFmpeg and FFplay have been made available by Christopher Martin, bringing them up to version 1.22, along with another update to the Digital Renderer (DRenderer) module, bringing it to version 0.56 (beta release 6). FFmpeg […]