FFplay speed boost

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Smooth moves for the movies.

FFplay, the simple media player closely associated with FFmpeg, has been updated. The version number remains at 1.23, and Christopher Martin, who has been working on both, describes the update as a minor one.

A minor update which increases the player’s speed by up to 10%, with particular benefit to full-screen mode.

“Movies that would mostly play, but with some jittering should now play quite smoothly” explains Christopher – who also jokingly clarifies that the “up to 10%” increase is “not an exact figure”

FFmpeg is a versatile, open source, multi-platform video and audio converter that makes it possible to process many movie formats which would otherwise either not be possible, or at least very difficult and time consuming on RISC OS, with its lack of high performance players.

FFplay, is a simple media player, built as a testbed for the FFmpeg APIs. It isn’t intended as a high quality player but, until MPlayer is sufficiently improved, it fills that gap on RISC OS.

1 comment on “FFplay speed boost

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