All quiet on the RISCOSitory front

It can’t have escaped people’s notice that almost three weeks have passed with nothing new appearing on RISCOSitory – despite a number of posts appearing on other sites, such as The Icon Bar and The RISC OS Blog. The simple reason for this is that I’ve been doing some redecorating and reorganising at home, leaving myself with no desk for a while, and even no internet connection at times.

The current situation is that I now have a new desk, so I now have a place to work at home, (although it’s actually incompatible with my chair), and my modem and router have been re-sited so I now have a permanent internet connection once again – but I haven’t yet set up a RISC OS computer. On top of which, the two week break from normal work (around which this period has centred) means I have a lot of catching up to do. The upshot being that it might still be a week or two before I can begin reviewing announcements and events in the RISC OS world and reporting on them.

It would have been sensible for me to make some kind of comment before I started, so apologies for the unexpected and prolonged interruption!

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