Repairing and upgrading old RISC OS computers with ROUGOL – 27th November

The RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) usually holds its meetings on the third Monday of each month, but it has been pushed back a week for November – so if you have 20th November marked in your diaries, scrub it out and add 27th November.

With the meeting that far off, it might seem unusual to see an announcement this early, but there’s a good reason for that.

The topic for the meeting will be repairing and upgrading Archimedes and RISC OS machines. The group will be looking at the sort of common problems people might encounter when using old Archimedes and RiscPC machines, and what might need to be done to keep them running reliably.

ROUGOL will itself be blowing the dust off their old RiscPC, and should also have an A4 available to rip apart disassemble – but that’s just two examples, and would like to see a bit more kit brought to the meeting.

With that in mind, if you have any old RISC OS computers that you don’t mind being opened up, taken apart, and examined, and you can get to the meeting with them, please get in touch with the group. Perhaps you’ve already carried out some form of repair, replacement or upgrade and are happy to show it off, or maybe you have a problem and need advice with it. You could also bring along a selection of photos (on a memory stick so that they can be put up on screen) to show what you’ve done (or need) – either way, the more systems or examples there are in the pub for people to play with, prod, or peer at, the better.

And in this case, the more people there are the merrier, as well. Despite this being a busy period for the pub, as it’s within a month until Christmas and room bookings normally require a minimum guarantee of twenty people, they have allowed ROUGOL to take the room free of charge for the meeting. It would be nice if that could be backed up with a decent level of attendance, which would help keep the group in good favour with them.

The meeting will take place at:

The Duke of Sussex pub,
(Usually upstairs in either the Chichester or Petworth room),
23 Baylis Road,
SE1 7AY.

Access to the pub is good, being located very close to Waterloo Station, and with car parking right outside for those who wish to drive. More details about how to get there can be found on the ROUGOL website.

Kick off for the meeting proper is at 7:45pm, but there should be ROUGOL members on-hand from around 6:30pm.

Although this meeting is better suited to in-person attendance because of the hands-on nature of opening up and examining the innards of various computers, it will also be possible to join via Zoom. If you’re a little too far afield to attend, especially with large computers, it should still be possible to talk about any issues you might have – or have fixed – with your own kit.

The Zoom meeting will be open to join from 7:30pm. The log-in credentials should be the same as usual – so if you’ve joined other recent meetings you’ll have them, but if not get in touch with the group in plenty of time to receive them.

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