Charm 2.5.5 released

A sunbeam to warm you, a new keyword to charm you.

Peter Nowosad of Qubit Consultancy Ltd has announced the availability of version 2.5.5 of Charm, his programming language for RISC OS computers.

With a compiler that generates efficient code with a small memory footprint, and a desktop shell that supports easy editing, compiling, assembling or linking of multiple files, Charm is described as “a simple to learn yet powerful object oriented high level language.”

The latest update adds dynamic module content, accessible through two new keywords – dynamic and this – to support object oriented programming.

Other recent updates include support for module name-spaces to help avoid data and code naming clashes within system and application modules, a new logging window which logs the results of commands initiated by drag and drop to compile, etc, the use of braces to delimit Charm constructs, and more.


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