Midlands User Group meeting – 11th November

The Midlands User Group (MUG) will be holding their next meeting at 2:00pm on Saturday, 11th November, and with their Xmas Market event barely a month away, the time will be given over to discussing the mini show, and finalising plans for it.

As such, the meeting may prove a useful one not only for MUG regulars to attend, but also those who are planning to exhibit at the event, and perhaps even people just aiming to visit and see where things are at in the world of RISC OS software and hardware – and maybe you can buy some last minute items to give to other family members but which you really want (and expect) to end up using yourself.

The meeting is an online one, to be held using Zoom. If you’ve been on any previous Midlands User Group Zoom events, the log-in details remain unchanged, but if you haven’t just contact the group.

The MUG Xmas Market

As noted above, the group’s Xmas Market – sponsored by Soft Rock Software and RISCOSitory – is fast approaching. The event is being held as a way to fill the gap between the last of this year’s UK shows, which was Wakefield in April, and the first of next year’s, which is expected to be the Southwest Show in February. Normally that gap is filled by the London Show in October, but that couldn’t take place this year due to the unavailability of a suitable venue.

The MUG Xmas Market will take place on Saturday, 9th December, at:

Dodderhill Parish Community Hall,
School Road,
WR9 7PU.

The doors will be open from 11:30am until 4:00pm, and entry to the event is FREE.

Exhibitors include many of the big names in RISC OS, including R-Comp, RISC OS Open Ltd, RISCOSbits, and more, as well as a number of smaller exhibitors such as Chris Hall, North One (Organizer), and 3rd Event (AMCS). There will be games available to play and buy (AMCOG, Soft Rock Software), and you’ll be able to find out what Wi-Fi Sheep – an occasional exhibitor at RISC OS events, and instigators of the RISC OS Direct project – have been up to of late.

You’ll be able to support a good cause – Tools With a Mission – by buying raffle tickets, with a first prize of an ‘ePhobe Cool R’, a one-off system produced and donated by RISCOSbits (a what now?1), and a second prize from Soft Rock Software of a RiscPiC-standard case for the Raspberry Pi and the Soft Rock Collection on CD.


  1. An ‘ePhobe Cool R’ – which I’m told is an anagram. I can’t possibly imagine what it’s an anagram of, but for some reason I’m expecting it to be yellow. I’ll be disappointed if it isn’t.

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