Find out R-Comp’s latest news with WROCC – 1st November

Most development work tends to happen quietly, with little or no fuss, and users only find out about it when things are announced as finished (or sometimes early access beta) products – and one of the customary times for that to happen is in the run up to or at the main shows.

This weekend should have seen the London Show take place, but that was unable to go ahead because the usual venue was unavailable, and an alternative couldn’t be found in time. That means the flurry of pre-show announcements hasn’t happened – even though things have almost certainly been happening behind the scenes, programming has still been taking place, and hardware tinkered with.

But with no show, and no show-related announcements, how are you – the RISC OS users – ever going to find out about what’s been happening?

Easy! Join the next Wakefield RISC OS User Group (WROCC) meeting, where R-Comp‘s Andrew Rawnsley will be the guest speaker, bringing the group up to date with the company’s latest developments – and if there’s time, he may also have a little news regarding his other operation, RISC OS Developments.

Taking place online via Zoom, the meeting will be held on Wednesday, 1st November, starting at 7:45pm.

Attendance is free – all you need is to be interested… and the meeting credentials. These are the same as other recent WROCC meetings – so if you’ve attended any, you should have them, but if not you simply need to contact the group in plenty of time, and they’ll send them to you in an email.

WROCC is funded by memberships, the cost of which is just £7.50 per year, representing very good value. As well as supporting one of the largest RISC OS user groups in the UK, the modest membership fee gets you access to their online discussion list, and you’ll become a recipient of the self-titled monthly WROCC newsletter, delivered to your email inbox as a PDF file.

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