Playing old games on modern systems with ADFFS – MUG meeting, 9th September

Advantages of newer hardware running RISC OS include much greater amounts of memory, and much faster processors – but a significant disadvantage for some is the inability to run older software.

There are ways to overcome this problem to some extent, and one of those will be the subject under discussion at the next meeting of the Midlands User Group (MUG), which will take place on Saturday, 9th September.

Specifically, the group will be looking at Jon Abbott’s ADFFS, which is particularly useful for making old games playable on modern RISC OS systems. In addition to which, Jon has been able to secure availability for a large number of games for use with his software.

This meeting will be an in-person one, not held online. To attend, you’ll need to head (aiming to get there by 2:00pm) for:

The DodderHill Community Hall (formerly Wychbold Village Hall),
School Rd,
WR9 7PU.

The Hall is easy to reach by car, being a very short drive from Junction 5 of the M5 motorway, and only a short walk from the nearby A38 if you come by bus – and if you hop on a train that’ll get you to either Droitwich Spa or Bromsgrove railway stations, there are buses that head in the right direction.

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