Linux gets a look-in with WROCC – 12th October

Back in June, Mark Stephens talked about using RISC OS in conjunction with MacOS at the Wakefield RISC OS User Group (WROCC) meeting, and July saw a similar overview by Andrew Rawnsley, but that time the subject was using RISC OS and Windows together. For the October meeting, a third notable operating system and how it can be used alongside ‘our’ system comes under the spotlight – Linux.

Linux is an operating system that forms the core software installed on a great many devices – as well as being an option to run on desktop and laptop computers via one of the many Linux-based distros such as Mint and Ubuntu, you’ll also find it in some form in most routers and other devices attached to networks and the internet.

However, for the purposes of the WROCC meeting, it will be its use on computers that will come under scrutiny, when Steve Fryatt takes the virtual floor to discuss his use of Linux and RISC OS side by side.

Taking place online via Zoom, the meeting will take place a day later than the usual WROCC schedule, on Thursday, 12th October, starting at 7:45pm.

Attendance is free – all you need is to be interested… and the meeting credentials. These are the same as other recent WROCC meetings – so if you’ve attended any, you should have them, but if not you simply need to contact the group in plenty of time, and they’ll send them to you in an email.

WROCC is funded by memberships, the cost of which is just £7.50 per year, representing very good value. As well as supporting one of the largest RISC OS user groups in the UK, the modest membership fee gets you access to their online discussion list, and you’ll become a recipient of the self-titled monthly WROCC newsletter, delivered to your email inbox as a PDF file.

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