TrainTimes goes choo choo

No, wait, that’s ‘two (point oh) two’.

Kevin Wells has updated his railway timetable-checking application TrainTimes again, bringing it up to version 2.02. The changes in this version are a mix of cosmetic changes and bug fixes.

One of the bugs that have been dealt with affects the ‘future’ window, when trains lack an id. If this was the case for the first train it could cause the software to crash, where as if the last train listed lacked an id, it would use that of the previous train. The software now recognises when there is no id for a train and takes appropriate action.

The way the downloaded data is handled has also been changed to eliminate a ‘too long’ error. With the user now having to register for an account with Realtime Trains (see below) in order for the software to connect to the service and download the necessary data, it was possible for a user name to be long enough that, when combined with other data being passed between the software and the remote site, the overall string of data became too long and triggered the error.

Usability has been improved in the calendar, which now defaults to using the date and time it was called.

A colon is now put between the hours and minutes in times, making them easier to read, and some changes have been made to the template files by Harriet Bazley, to address some spelling mistakes and other cosmetic changes.

The software works by passing information to and and receiving it from two remote sites – Realtime Trains and National Rail – using Wget.

If you are a new user, please note that in order to use the software you will need to register with Realtime Times (linked above) to obtain a username and password, which will be needed by the software.

If you find any of Kevin’s software useful, why not consider rewarding him for it by buying some merchandise or with a small contribution.

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