September ROUGOL meeting called off

The meeting is cancelled. Long last the meeting.

The RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) normally hold their meetings on the third Monday of each month, meaning that the next meeting was scheduled to take place tomorrow evening – Monday, 19th September. However, with the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II taking place earlier in the same day, the decision has been taken to not hold a normal meeting.

However, while there is no point heading to the usual venue (which may very well be closed anyway), and there is no set topic or prearranged speaker, if you still wish to meet up with some friends in the RISC OS world for a chat, the online aspect of the meeting will still take place in a more informal capacity. The Zoom meeting will open up for people to join from around 7:30pm.

To join that, you will need to be using a device that can run the Zoom software – which means most modern operating systems for handhelds and computers. The log-in credentials for the meeting will remain as they have done for some time, so if you’ve joined any recent ROUGOL meetings you should have them already, but if not simply make contact to receive them.

RISC OS London Show banner

Unfortunately, this is the second cancellation announced this week by ROUGOL. With the usual venue for the annual London Show closed until some time in 2023 the group has been hunting for an alternative venue, but hasn’t been able to find anything suitable within budget. The decision has therefore been taken to forego the event this year. Look out for details of the next show, which should hopefully go ahead next year.

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