This year’s London Show no longer going ahead

This year’s London Show, organised by the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL), has unfortunately had to be cancelled.

The show was originally scheduled to take place on 29th October at its regular Feltham venue, the St Giles Hotel, but earlier this year the organisers were presented with a similar predicament to the one that befell the Wakefield Show, organised by the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC), when the hotel at which it was to be hosted became unavailable – but the Club were eventually able to book an alternative, so Wakefield 2022 did go ahead.

The St Giles Hotel will not be open again until April, 2023, so the organisers have been hunting high and low for a suitable alternative venue in order that the show could go ahead. However, today an announcement was sent out by ROUGOL to say that no suitable alternative – i.e. one within the available budget – could be found, so the show will now not be going ahead.

A return next year should hopefully be on the cards – and if the usual choice of weekend is adopted, that means the likely date will be Saturday, 28th October, 2023.

ROUGOL adds that in the meantime you should support your local user group, which obviously includes ROUGOL if you’re locality is London, by attending their meetings – and if you have something relevant or interesting to say, you could even go a little further and become a guest speaker. (And of course, you can also support groups from further afield in some cases – such as ROUGOL and WROCC – by joining and/or attending virtual meetings and giving presentations over the airnetwaves!)

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