ROUGOL talks optical disc burning with Steffen Huber

If you’re out and about in or near London on Monday, 15th February… ask yourself what you’re doing, then get yourself home. Once there, consider setting up a suitable computer to join the meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) which takes place that evening. The guest speaker will be Steffen Huber, covering the subject of putting data on optical discs – CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays – using his CDVDBurn 3 software.

The first version of the software – then called CDBurn – was marketed and sold by Warm Silence Software, and first launched in 1997 at the Acorn World event. Steffen gave it a new home in 2004 when he formed hubersn Software, and the software has since become CDVDBurn – the change in name clearly showing the nature of the media it supported – with a brand new version launched late last year with support for recordable Blu-Ray discs amongst other things.

The history of the software’s development will be covered in the talk, with details of the latest incarnation, and Steffen will explain why even today, in 2021, being able to burn data to optical media is still a very useful ability.

The meeting will once again be conducted using the Zoom video conferencing system, starting at 7:45pm (but open to join from 7:30pm) with Steffen talking to the group from his home in Waiblingen, Germany. To participate, you will therefore need a computer or other device capable of running the software – versions exist for all the mainstream platforms. You will also need your favourite chair, and – if you like – a good supply of snacks and drinks.

Oh, and the access details for the meeting – they’ll be useful, too. If you’ve attended in the last couple of months, the details remain the same, but if you didn’t just contact ROUGOL before Monday and you’ll receive the information you need on the day.

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