CDVDBurn hots up with a new version

If you have any need to transfer files from your computer to optical media, perhaps for backup purposes, or to author discs ready for selling to customers, hubersn Software has the tool you need with CDVDBurn 3 – a major new version of the software that started life as CDBurn, before later being re-branded as CDVDBurn for its second major version.

Amongst other benefits of the new version is support for recordable Blu-ray media if you have a suitable drive – BD-R and BD-RE discs, with capacities in excess of 25GB per disc. Including those, the software offers a complete mastering solution for both audio and data discs, with support for CDs (CD-R, and CD-RW), DVDs (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM), and the aforementioned Blu-rays (BD-R, and BD-RE), and compatibility has been checked on everything from ARMv5 machines (IyonixPC) to ARMv8 (Raspberry Pi 4). It is therefore supported on all modern RISC OS computers.

As well as ensuring compatibility with newer RISC OS hardware, CDVDBurn 3 supports USB-connected drives, whether native USB drives or via a compatible USB-S adapter, as well as S-ATA drives on Titanium-based computers, and IDE drives as found in the IyonixPC. It has also been tested against a range of modern drives:

  • Asus ZenDrive U7M (Slimline bus-powered USB CD/DVD writer)
  • Hitachi-LG GP57ES40 (Slimline bus-powered USB CD/DVD writer)
  • LiteOn EBAU108-01 (Slimline bus-powered USB CD/DVD writer)
  • Samsung BD-DVDW SE-506 (Slimline bus-powered USB CD/DVD/BD writer)
  • Asus BW-16D1H-U Pro (External PSU-powered USB CD/DVD/BD writer)
  • LG BE16NU50 (External PSU-powered USB CD/DVD/BD writer)
  • Asus BW-16D1HT Silent (Internal S-ATA CD/DVD/BD writer)
  • LG BH16NS55 (Internal S-ATA CD/DVD/BD writer)
  • LG BH16NS40 (Internal S-ATA CD/DVD/BD writer)

Compatibility aside, the software sports a major new feature called Disc Extractor. This provides direct access to data discs in ISO9660/Joliet format, using the pseudo-filer used for ISO image creation. Disc Extractor can look at the data on a physical disc, or in an ISO image on your hard drive, and extract everything from single files to entire directory trees and their contents, using standard drag and drop methods. Amongst other things, a benefit of this tool is access to CDVDBurn 3’s ‘large ISO image’ format, used to get around the RISC OS file size limit, and can also be handy accessing discs if CDFS is struggling, perhaps when connecting and disconnecting USB drives.

Another new feature is an option to verify a disc, which allows you to perform a comparison of the data written to a disc against an ISO image and therefore ensure that was has been written is correct, and fully readable.

And finally, there have been a number of improvements made to the user interface.

If you wish to purchase the software, you can do so for just £50 or €60 as a new customer. Owners of the previous version of CDVDBurn can upgrade for just £25 or €30 – and as a special ‘thank you’ to long-time users, for a limited time you can upgrade to the new version from CDBurn (the full version, not the -lite variant) for £40 or €48.

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