Early Day Motions feature returns to MPData+

Having released a largely rewritten version of MPData+ during January, Kevin Wells has now put out an update, bringing it up to version 2.01.

The program is designed to provide a quick and easy way to keep an eye on what your local MP is up to, by drawing information about them from a number of online resources. One feature the software gained back in 2014 was the ability to look up the last four Early Day Motions signed by MPs, but this was dropped in the recent release because of issues with the site used to obtain the data.

With version 2.01, however, the ability to look up Early Day Motions has returned.

In addition to the re-implementation of that feature, the update includes improved detection of the presence of Wget (and reporting if it can’t be found), which is used to communicate with the sites from which the information is drawn.

A bug has also been resolved whereby a comma in a constituency name caused a crash, the pointer now changes to indicate its over a petition link in the petitions window, and a spelling error in the main window has been put right.

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